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Town Quiz - 1 May 2021 sponsored by Something Special Flowers

(Answers available 8 May 2021)

Q1. Which group advertised new premises on page 4 of this weeks Blairie? Blairgowrie Brownies and Rainbows
Q2: Bob Stewart Music question of the week - Who wrote the famous Scottish song "The Berryfields o' Blair"?
Q3: Something Special Flowers question - What design won Jillian of Something Special Flowers a coveted RHS Chelsea GOLD Medal?
Q4: Which European capital was built on 14 islands?
Q5: What is Europe’s most mountainous country?
Q6: Germany’s flag is made up of what three colours?
Q7: Which famous cocktail originated in the Raffles Hotel, Singapore?
Q8: Which capital city has the most Michelin stars in the world – London, Paris or Tokyo?
Q9: 2. What variety of flower is used in the Something Special Flowers logo?
Q10: What island in San Francisco Bay was the site of an almost escape-proof prison?

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1 May 2021

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This week's answers will be revealed on 8 May 2021.

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