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Town Quiz - 24 July 2021

(Answers available 31 July 2021)

Q1. Which of the following is NOT a part of the summer Olympics? A: Boxing B: Cycling C: Biathlon D: Water Polo C: Biathlon
Q2: What colours are the five intersecting rings of the Olympic’s flag?
Q3: What day of the week do Blairgowrie Runners meet to go for a morning run?
Q4: From which country do the Olympics originate?
Q5: What do the five rings on the Olympics flag refer to?
Q6: What is Olympism?
Q7: How often do the Olympics happen?
Q8: What year did the Olympic Torch Relay pass through Blairgowrie?
Q9: In which year was Tennis reinstated as an Olympic sport?
Q10: Which organization is the governing body of the Olympic Games?
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24 July 2021

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