The Ericht Trust - Meeting with John Swinney MSP

John Swinney MSP Minister Supports Project On Monday 22 June

On Monday 22 June, the Trustees of the Ericht Trust met with John Swinney, their local MSP, to discuss progress on the Hill Centre, this exciting and much needed development of a dilapidated old school building (the former Hill Primary School), which will be developed into a vibrant Heritage and Cultural Centre for Blairgowrie and East Perthshire. 

The Trust informed Mr. Swinney that it has made an offer to Perth and Kinross Council to buy the school for the community and it is now coordinating the strong messages of support from the public locally via support signatures and online votes of support, together with a further outreach (over 1200) of “likes” on Facebook. Mr. Swinney recognised the need for this facility and readily gave his strong support to helping achieve it for the town. 

He spoke of the need to bring leisure and cultural activities into Perthshire’s largest town. He said: “these facilities are important for the community” and "what is of particular importance is the need to tell the story of ‘the berries’, it has not been properly told”. 

The Trust plans to bring the heritage of the town, the print works and its berry growing history and continuing involvement with soft fruit growing, into ‘living and interactive’ historical displays, for information and education. This is only one part of a multi-complex centre. 

Mr. Swinney stressed the importance of future sustainability and for the project to be correctly positioned with a clear objective; he acknowledged the Trust appears to have achieved that in its business plan. 

Following a wide-ranging discussion, John Swinney said, “I will be supporting the Trust’s bids for funding this project”. 

Ian Gordon, Chairman of the Ericht Trust says, “We warmly welcome John Swinney’s advice and support for the Hill Primary project. It reinforces the existing strong community support for the work which will bring significant regeneration to the town"

If you have not yet given your support to this project you can do so online or come onto One Voice Office on Upper Mill Street Blairgowrie and sign the form. 

The deadline for demonstrating your support is 15th August 2015.

Here is the recording:

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