22 November 2017

Snow Road on BBC1 Country File this Sunday 26th November

Copy of Email from Peter Crane, Head of Visitor Services, Cairngorm National Park

Earlier this month we were fortunate enough to win two Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning 2017 in Edinburgh: the Award for the Place Category and the Peoples' Choice Award which was an open online vote. 

The Peoples’ Choice is particularly significant support for the project and the ongoing work being led by CBP.

I think it is worth adding a recent quote from one of the design competition winners that provides an insight to what they got from the experience:- 

It's very nice to hear from you both and thank you for news of both awards which the Snow Road Scenic Route has just won. I've found the whole process, from the competition in Spring 2014 through to completion and use, to be extremely enjoyable and a great learning experience. I am particularly grateful for the support both of you have always given me throughout the process: I think that the collaborative nature of this project improved the final installation far beyond the initial concept presented in the competition. That the wider project of the Snow Road Scenic Route should have received this accolade with public support is hopefully reflective of the care and effort taken by everyone involved in successfully realising the overall project. 

We also installed a photopost at each of the three sites to make a clear link with this visitor experience. We hope to extend this with two or three additional posts along the route in Perthshire.

AND this Sunday the route will be featured BBC1 Countryfile – I think this great route is ‘in a good place’.

This has been the most challenging project that I’ve ever worked on but it’s now reaping the rewards.

Here is the recording:

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