26th July 2016

Linking cycle routes throughout Strathmore

Almost 20 people took part last Tuesday in the first stage of finding the best ,safest , new and substantially off-road routes between the three towns of Strathmore for cyclists, runners and walkers. Nora Cormack of One Voice started the evening with a brief explanation of her organisation’s reasons for supporting an initiative that brings the three towns together to the benefit of all. John Palfreyman then talked briefly about how the idea took shape at the Coupar Angus Bike Festival last year and was highlighted in Blairgowrie through the local “Charrette “(planning) study and the Climate Cafe. The idea has received strong support from the local community councils and bike clubs as well as Forward Coupar Angus, Alyth Development Trust and One Voice. 

He told us that we will hear from Awards for All whether our bid for funding to develop the planned routes has been successful by August 22nd. In preparation for this study, we will be able to use two days of free consultancy time funded by Cycling Scotland to firm up what we want the study to work on. Once the full study is completed, we will have a realistic plan with costs on the basis of which we will be able to apply to national and local bodies for the necessary funds. All of this could take a few years. 

Most of the evening was then spent by people in groups poring over maps and drawing the routes that would be simplest, most direct and safest for cyclists and pedestrians alike. A lot of local knowledge was shared. 

A small steering group was set up, consisting of Gregor MacIntyre, Bob Ellis, John Palfreyman and Len Seal and a representative from One Voice. 

Anyone interested in finding out more or contributing their knowledge or time to furthering the creation of safe paths, please get in touch with Len Seal (, John Palfreyman (, Gregor MacIntyre ( or One Voice

Watch out for details of a Facebook page. 

Finally, many thanks to SCYD for hosting the event and for all the support they have given.

Here is the recording:

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