How we put the Hub Magazine together

25 March 2016

Read about how the Blairgowrie & Rattray Hub Magazine is put together

The quarterly magazine is put together by Graphite Web Solutions (GWS) in collaboration with the One Voice Volunteer Group Association.  The latest edition is Easter 2016.

The process of putting the magazine together goes something like this:

  • One month before the deadline an email goes out to all potential advertisers and article providers reminding them of the deadline.
  • GWS meet with One Voice to discuss the focus of the magazine.  One Voice volunteers gather a lot of the community stories, interviews and content and continually come up with great snippets, articles and content.
  • Adverts and articles normally start arriving from 3 weeks before the deadline.
  • GWS provide a flyer with prices and the deadline for One Voice volunteers to take around to the numerous businesses in the town as another reminder for adverts.
  • 2 weeks before we review those who have advertised previously and email any to ask if they want an advert
  • About a week before we copy the previous magazine, clear out the old articles and adverts no longer needed in preparation for adding the new ones
  • We create a few options for the cover and decide upon what goes in the centre ring.
  • The weekend after the deadline is when the magazine creation starts in earnest.
  • Adverts are added/updatedThe Copy Shop
  • Articles are added, adjusted, moved and placed where they fit.
  • It takes on average 25 - 30 hours to put a 44 - 52 page magazine together.
  • Once all content is in, we create an electronic version and upload it to the Discover Blairgowrie website
  • Once we have an idea of the number of pages, we ask the Copy Shop for a price to print 4,400 and 4,500 copies
  • We then email every advertiser and article provider with a link to the electronic version for them to check their entry (74 individuals for the Easter mag)
  • About 15% come back with amendments requiring a further upload and round of emails
  • We create and send the invoices (35 in this edition)
  • We update the magazine spreadsheet then cross check to ensure we don't miss anyone who has paid annually as well as everyone who has asked for an advert this time.  To manage this, every advert request that comes in is filed in a new advertiser folder for that magazine and we use this to create the mag, update the spreadsheet and send the invoice.  Once the invoice has been sent, the spreadsheet is annotated and the email is moved from the Adverts folder into the Adverts Invoiced folder for that magazine.
  • The electronic version is then shared on social media for others to see.
  • A copy is sent to our proof readers - a huge voluntary effort from them!
  • Boxes of magazines ready to goOnce all amendments have been incorporated we then export the pdf version and share with the Copy Shop.  They review the pdf before passing to the printers and they monitor the printing process
  • The magazines normally arrive about 10 days later ready for the One Voice Volunteers to put into the delivery bundles for the 40 or so volunteers to deliver to virtually every household in the town.

A huge effort from a team dedicated to bring the service to the community and without the volunteers, it would not work. 

Here is the recording:

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