FareShare FoodCloud is starting in Tesco Blairgowrie


FareShare FoodCloud is starting in Tesco stores in Blairgowrie from September 19th! This is a new scheme which helps charities and community groups access the free, unsold, surplus food from a day’s sales at their local Tesco supermarket. 

Using the simple mobile technology FoodCloud, we have been able to help a wide variety of non-profitable organisations and charities access food which otherwise would have been wasted. We launched in February in stores across Edinburgh and Glasgow and will be working with every large Tesco store in the UK. You can find more information on our website: http://www.fareshare.org.uk/ fareshare-foodcloud-in-tesco- stores/

FareShare currently redistributes surplus food to over 2,000 charities across the UK, together serving over 19 million meals last year. We want to work with you on this new project to make an even bigger difference to vulnerable people across the UK.

Here is the recording:

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