Elm Drive - Proposed Path 'Upgrade'

20th November 2018

Plans to increase the width of the paths along Elm Drive by half a metre or so - good way to spend money?

Elm Drive Path Widening

Local people including Blair in Bloom and Ian Richards, Chair of the Blairgowrie & Rattray Community Council, have raised objections to the plans by Perth & Kinross Council to widen the paths along Elm Drive to make them comply with the 2.5m width required for the path to be annotated for shared use (walking and cycling). We have been asked to highlight the issue and provide the details.

The details are here and a map of the area is shown below:

One local resident commented:

"PKC seem to be moving forward with the ridiculous proposal to rip up our lovely grass verges. Besides being a flagrant waste of precious public money there is absolutely no requirement do this, as the existing footway is more than wide enough to cope with the occasional cyclist. This plan is so outrageous that we must object in the strongest possible terms to this pernicious Council who increasingly seem unable or unwilling to listen to those they are meant to serve. Having recently voted to build over most of our local green space, they are now intent on removing the last vestiges of greenery that we hold dear. It appears they also have little regard for the work of Blair in Bloom who planted the many crocus bulbs that give us such a blaze of colour in Spring. I would urge everyone to object to this unnecessary proposal."

If you would like to raise an objection please email Councillor Caroline Shiers on CShiers@pkc.gov.uk

Here is the recording:

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