Bonfire Night 2017

22nd October

Blairgowrie & Rattray Community Council (BRCC) are trying to raise money to fund a couple festive projects for our community.

Bonfire Night - 4th November

We're looking to raise money to cover the cost of our fireworks display in November and our contemporary and inventive nativity display in December. We don't have long but could you help? 

Give your support here.

It's been a really long time, nearly 10 years, since our community was able to enjoy the sights and sounds of bonfire night so we've put together a small event that we're hoping to grow into something even more amazing. From small acorns and all that! We all love our fireworks and nothing completes Bonfire Night more than a spectacular colourful display that lights up the sky and leaves the smell of gunpowder hanging in the air. 

With your help we could give people a reason to come out on a cold November evening and a place for them to get their firework fix! Our funding application was turned down by the National Lottery and our local Council doesn't have any cash to give to us for this so it's up to us to make this happen, and with your help we can.

We'd also like to reinstate a town centre nativity scene and Christmas tree. A really creative idea to design a couple of illuminated boxes with festive pictures on them could be your gift to our town!

PLEASE get behind this fund raising that thousands will enjoy. If you could give what you can to help out our Perthshire town any donations, big or small, would be very gratefully received.

Give your support here.

Thank you! :-)

Here is the recording:

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