2015 Community Markets Finish With The Love To Eat Chutney Challenge

26th September 2015

All entries are now in

While chutneys are usually slow cooked to produce a mellow preserve with uniform texture and flavour, they often take months to mature. For simplicity, in this competition entries will be split into 'mature' chutneys which will have been produced before June 2015 and will have had chance to mature and mellow, and 'this season's" chutneys, which will have been produced after June this year.

While relishes are often seen as ready to eat sooner than chutneys, with chunkier pieces of fruit, they may be entered, but all entrants will be judged against the following criteria:

Appearance: Chutneys should be smooth in appearance with appropriate colour throughout.

Consistency and texture: The ingredients should all be combined together well with no excess vinegar, however, the chutney should not be overly stiff either.

The texture: should be fairly uniform.

Flavour and aroma: This is the most important category. They should look and smell appealing, not taste too acidic, with a relatively mellow flavour.


There will be 2 classes for Artisan or Homemade, in either or both ‘Mature’ - made before June 2015 or ‘New Season’ - made after June 2015. There will be a Best Overall prize and also one for the Best Labelled Jar. These will be chosen from among all the entries. Entries must be submitted by 12 noon on Thursday 24th September. Jars should be labelled with the type of chutney, a list of ingredients together with the date made, and the class it is entered into. All jars must also be labelled with your name and telephone number on the bottom of the jar.

Organisers can accept no liability for any broken jars received in the post. In all cases the judge's decision is final. Winners will be announced at the Blairgowrie Community Market 26th September at 12 noon. If you would like your jar of jam returned after sampling it must be collected from the Community Market before it closes at 3pm.

Strathmore & the Glens working in collaboration with Blairgowrie & East Perthshire Tourist Association's Love to Eat Project.Love To Eat

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