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Aug 09

Summer garden judging

Posted on Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Summer garden judging

It seems hardly any time since I was judging the communities of Perth & Kinross Take a Pride in the 2015 Perthshire competition when we scrutinise towns and villages for their horticultural impact, environmental responsibility and community involvement.

A year down the line; the local communities are again looking at their best and it is time to take stock of how our floral displays look and begin the planning process for 2017!

Nearly every article that I have written in recent times relates to planning; creating; tending garden features; evaluating our successes and learning from our not so successful horticultural creations.

Ever since I began my horticultural career in the 1970s’; the weather has been blamed for such imperfections; be it monsoon conditions; droughts, if we get them and the hooly winds that seem to prevail and spoil our plants and garden structures.

Yes; gardening is cyclical and we just have to work round what we are dealt with and that comes with experience and as such, no book can cover when to do things, yet alone what as that is so variable depending on the type of garden; its content and how intensive your type of gardening is.

Take Pride in Perthshire

Many gardens are at their peak during the summer months, however it is worth thinking about how your garden looks throughout the year and to that end it may be worthwhile considering planting material which offers interest over the four seasons.

In the aforementioned competitions; communities are rewarded for using sustainable planting schemes; making use of trees; shrubs; perennials and not just summer bedding plants. Bedding plants are beautiful, but short lived and makes for a labour intensive and costly approach.

I have written previously on the basics of garden design and my website contains articles and blogs on the topic, as well as tips on garden and plant maintenance.

There are ever so many fantastic gardens in Blairgowrie and Rattray offering ideas of what can be achieved and if you find this challenging; remember that the garden is really an outdoor room that requires a makeover; so touch base with keen gardeners or professional horticulturists who can customise a design concept for you.

In a previous blog post; I wrote about therapeutic gardening; stating that it should be enjoyable, therefore ensure you don’t overdo it and remember that it will take time to create your dream garden.

Until my next feature; enjoy what remains of the summer and enjoy the fruits of your labours.