How Does Volunteering Work?

Getting involved locally

Here's a wee demo showing how to tell us what you'd like to volunteer for.


It is easy to volunteer

Join the Volunteer List

Create an account or log into your existing one then select Town Volunteer List under Your Details.

Volunteer here

Select the volunteer roles you want

Let us know which opportunities for which you wish to volunteer. We then add you to our mailing list and annotate which roles you are interested in.

Volunteer here

Wait for us to email you

If a new opportunity arises, we'll email you to let you know how to apply if you are still interested.

Discover Blairgowrie

Update your preferences anytime

If you want to edit the roles you are volunteering for, simply log in and edit your details

Volunteer info update

Looking for Volunteers?

Are you a group or organisation looking for volunteers?

Define/outline the role

Ceate a description of the role you are looking to fill, any skills/experience needed - enough so that a volunteer knows what to expect.

Send it in

Email your info to with some background on your group etc.

Wait for someone to contact you

Once we've popped the role on the website, we will also email out the details to our volunteer list. Hopefully someone will contact you if they are available.

Let us know if the role is filled

Once you have someone in the role, let us know so we can remove the opportunity.

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