Rattray Art Festival

Rattray Art Festival

Johanna Frampton
01250 872800

The Rattray Art Festival is wholly funded through local sponsorship, goodwill and the hard work of the organisers. The Festival attracts a diverse range of people from those who have never set foot in an Art Gallery previously to those more accustomed to the art world.

E: rattrayartfestival@yahoo.co.uk

W: http://www.rattrayartfestival.co.uk/

The Rattray Art Festival was successfully established in August 2010. 

The idea crystallised during the long winter months as the organiser was house bound, snowed in with a large flock of sheep and yearning for a bit of cultural stimulation. She and a friend started from scratch, contacting any artists whose pictures caught their eye, and found great enthusiasm for the idea. 

The inaugural festival attracted a huge variety of works from both the well established, well known artist community as well as talented emerging amateur artists who enjoyed the prestige of hanging their works in a gallery environment.

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