Rattray Primary School

Phone: 01250 871980

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Main Contact: Mrs J Robertson (Headteacher)


Rattray Primary School

Welcome to Rattray Primary School

When was the school built?

Rattray Primary School was built prior to 1873. In November of that year, the roll consisted of 98 boys, 56 girls, a total of 154, and with only 4 members of staff!

What is the current school roll?

Currently in 2019, the school roll is 239 pupils plus 65 pupils in the nursery, making a total of 304. We have 32 teaching and 9 non-teaching members of staff.

What is the catchment area for the school?

The parish of Rattray plus two miles of farmland to the east along the road to Alyth.

Interesting facts:

  • Rattray and district is associated mainly with arable, or crop fruit farming, in particular raspberries and strawberries.
  • In days gone by, there used to be a scout hut and pond at the back of the school, and horses were kept in the common!
  • Many former pupils of Rattray Primary School have gone on to achieve success in various careers however, one in particular who currently works in television as a reporter and newsreader for STV News in Northern Scotland is Sharon Donaldson.



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