The Blairgowrie & Rattray Forum is a networking opportunity for all the groups, organisations, clubs etc to meet and discuss upcoming activities etc. It is co-ordinated by the One Voice Office and Discover Blairgowrie and is for the benefit of everyone in the town and surrounding area. Everyone is welcome.

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Next Meeting

Date: Thursday 17th May 2018

Location: The Angus Hotel - thanks to The Angus Hotel for hosting the meeting for free.

Time: 5.30pm

Agenda to include:

  • tbc

Update from 1st February:

  • 33 people attended with 11 apologies
  • Classic Car Event 21 - 22 April - Perth & Scone on 21st then Tour starts in Blairgowrie on morning of 22nd at Golf Club then Wellmeadow before heading off up Snow Roads. Opportunity for town to captitalise on event - BRCC and BARBA looking to support - refreshments, competitions, costumes, music etc. Contact Robin Duncan on for more info.
  • Blairgowrie & Rattray Development Trust (BRDT) - amalgamation of Ericht Trust and One Voice to provide 1 group to help take the town forward. PKC advised they needed one group to liaise with. Forming March 2018 and will be custodians of the Community Action Plan (see below). Contact Phil Seymour on for more info.
  • Community Action Plan - bringing together of the results of all the previous town studies etc to form 1 document to be taken forward by the Community. Outlines projects that the town wants - now need groups/organisations to lead on projects in a cohesive manner.  BRDT will be custodians and help co-ordinate and provide support and resources for project teams. In draft form and is being shared with groups to get their support - will be issued around same time BRDT forms. Contact Stuart Nichol on for more info.
  • Town Walk Leaflet - details here advertisers needed! Contact for info
  • Taxi Voucher Pilot Scheme - 85 people using scheme (£2 vouchers go towards taxi journey - vouchers later redeemed by taxi drivers) moving to transition phase from taxi voucher scheme to Community Transport Scheme to establish local drivers and process etc. Will have funded posts to manage and co-ordinate for 2 - 3 years. Also helping to identify what people do etc. Contact Jessie Shaw on for more info.
  • Strathmore Cycle Network - progressing smoothly with funding and land owners. BRAN will help manage and PKC will include SCN in LDP2. Contact Bob Ellis on for more info.
  • Snow Road - 23 Jan the team obtained many local stories/myths etc applicable to the Snow Road which opens at Easter. Send any photos to Contact Bob Ellis on for more info.
  • Blairgowrie Tennis Club - have 5 all weather courts, able to be opened for public. Looking to increase numbers both local and visitors. Contact Louise Walker on for more info.
  • Blairgowrie & Rattray Highland Games - Promote Year of the Young People with more dancing competitions, race etc. They are looking for a treasurer - email Kym Ellis on if interested
  • East Perthshire Youth Alliance - Alan Keane, SCYD briefed on the EPYA and their aims to become more efficient in the area and more involved - great opportunity to get involved with Community Action Plan and BRCC. Contact Alan Keane for more info.
  • Growbiz Update - provide support for businesses either before they start or if they are looking to expand etc. They have peer support groups that can help people not feel isolated and they have a mentoring programme - looking for more mentors if anyone interested. Contact Merle Palmer on for more info.
  • Local Museum - signs are getting more positive that we will get something for the town. Contact Ian Richards on for more info.
  • BRAN (Blairgowrie & Rattray Access Network) look after over 50 miles of paths which are all looking better than before. Looking for younger folk to help. Contact Ian Richards on for more info.
  • Hope Park House have funding for a new building and toilet etc which they hope to provide for daycare etc. Contact Kym Ellis on for more info.

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