The Wellmeadow

Where events and markets take place. The Wellmeadow can be a hive of activity one day and a peaceful green space the next, a place to sit back and enjoy watching the world go by.

We are lucky to have this in the heart of the town. The Wellmeadow was so named as it was used as a watering hole for cattle in years gone by.

It is believed the 'Wellmeadow’ takes its name from St. Ninian's well which was situated close by. St. Ninian travelled widely in Scotland between c397 and c431 and it is believed he baptised local converts to Christianity. In 1824, William MacPherson, the Laird, gave the Wellmeadow to the town. 

Sir William MacPherson of Cluny who resides in Newton Castle, is the current laird and Chieftain of the MacPherson clan. Until the beginning of the 20th century the Wellmeadow was used by drovers taking cattle to markets in Crieff and Falkirk. 

The Cateran Trail, which begins here, is named after the much feared cattle raiders. 

This area was always used for fairs and livestock markets, community markets and fairs are still being held here today.