The Riverside

Just a few hundred yards from The Wellmeadow, the River Ericht is used by fishermen, canoeists, rafters, children paddling and even a previous world stone skimming champion (Dougie Isaacs) used to practice here. If you prefer less activity, there are park and picnic benches to while away the afternoon. You can even enjoy some podiatry, visit the chiropractor or enjoy a coffee and scone in the bistro!

Kids will enjoy the play park and a walk along the riverside provides an excellent stroll.

This green peaceful place was once a thriving, industrious part of the town, which spreads north and south of here on each side of the river – the River Ericht 10 miles long. The river is a major spawning ground for the renowned Tay Salmon. 

Near the bridge is thought to be the oldest mill, the Muckle Mill, with the neighbouring Plash and Meal Mills all involved in the treatment and spinning of flax and jute. Upstream is evidence of mill lade buildings which never came to fruition. 

You will also find the famous Cargill’s Leap, where Rev.Donald Cargill jumped the river to escape King Charles II’s dragoons in 1665. He was martyred in Edinburgh on 27 July 1681. 

Further upstream are fine examples of mill ruins and mills converted into houses.